Jennifer Lilly, our incomparable Sorry, Thanks editor, received the Woodstock Film Festival’s James Lyons Editing Award at the 2008 WFF in October, for her work on this year’s acclaimed film Were The World Mine. I was at Woodstock with Nights and Weekends and when the award was announced (Jen wasn’t there), I almost bum rushed the stage to expound upon her total awesomeness, before I remembered my terror of speaking in public. The film’s director and co-writer, Tom Gustafson and Cory James Krueckeberg, were some of the esteemed early screeners of Sorry, Thanks, and if you want to throw a fun screening party: invite the makers of a gay musical fantasy based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to watch a very rough cut of your sparse, talky indie film. A meeting of minds! (they gave us incredible notes, actually.) We love ‘em and wish the World for them.

Here’s a link to the Indiewire article: “Dispatch from New York/Woodstock: A True American Maverick Among Fest.” And the press release, with the full list of winners: Woodstock Film Festival Maverick Awards.

Congratulations to Jen!


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