BLOGS ARE HELL. PICTURE LOCK IS NOT! Actually, picture lock is hell too.

I made a point of documenting this back in JULY, our pre-”News Blog” days …

JULY 16: We locked picture! It wasn’t easy. It’s a commemorative moment, so we’re making it the first official Sorry, Thanks news entry.

As with all things hard-won, the moment itself was insane: we were rushing to finish before midnight, mostly for an unavoidable sound delivery deadline, but also because it was the last time that Lauren, Jen and I would all be able to meet until August (Jen to Greece, Lauren to Alaska, me to paying producing job—wow, it sounds like we’re more monied than we are!). But, chaos out of nowhere: Lauren gets an email saying she’s in the next round of the a screenwriter’s lab, then an immediate addendum email entitled “CORRECTION”… sending us all into a tailspin of doubt and nerves. And as Jen and I are yelling at her to just open the second email already, something goes terribly wrong on Jen’s system and we lose all our changes. And then Lauren remembers her laundry is about to be locked up for the night (far away in Brooklyn, and if not picked up by 8:00, Lauren has NO clothes to take to a very cold corner of the country). Jen goes into manic problem-solver mode and we call every family-operated laundry in Brooklyn. But we still have Reel 4 to contend with and no time … but Lauren will have no clothes! And of course the internet goes out and Lauren’s phone dies and Jen’s trying to use her land line but and we’re all trying to find someone to get Lauren’s clothes picked up in time and we still haven’t locked picture. I think one of us tripped and fell. And I’m pretty sure that I realized I hadn’t had any water to drink all day and I kicked Lauren’s mug across the floor in my scramble to get to the kitchen. And Jen cringed, because that’s a mighty nice carpet she’s got.

Is this self-important? This is why we hate blogs! But, the NEWS worthy resolution: a happy ending. Lauren’s script did make the next round, we found someone to pick up her clothes, and I didn’t die of dehydration (a threat I underrepresented up top, and which would have been incredibly sad). AND we locked picture!

Blogs are hell, please forgive us. And welcome. Picture locked!


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