“SORRY, THANKS” makes IndieWIRE’s Annual Critics Survey! “Best First Feature” and “Best Undistributed Film”

Great end to a great 2009! In IndieWIRE’s Annual Critics Survey 2009, Los Angeles Times critic Mark Olsen names “SORRY, THANKS” his pick for “Best First Feature”, as well as his #2 pick for “Best Undistributed Film.” And three more critics in the round-up (Karina Longworth, Aaron Dobbs, and Paste Magazine chief film critic Robert Davis) all named “SORRY, THANKS” among their top five “Best Undistributed Films” of the year as well. You can check out the full IndieWIRE critics’ tally HERE.

Stay tuned for more from “SORRY, THANKS” in 2010, including: DVDs, behind-the-scenes extras, an ornery comedy short featuring Wiley, Andrew, and … chocolate Magic Shell (enough said). Please check back here for “SORRY, THANKS” news, or (much more efficient!) sign-up for our mailing list (on the homepage) to automatically receive all future riveting updates.

Happy New Year!


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