BAY AREA premiere!

We’ve been running around Marin County like crazy.  Well, Lauren has — I’ve been traveling for my day job and will have touched the ground in Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Colorado in the 48 hours before landing in California.  She’s been postering, postcarding, stickering and generally hobnobbing for a good cause. Why so much craziness? And what’s the cause? We’re gearing up for our Bay Area premiere! It’s terribly exciting to play the film to a new audience, as well as the cast, crew, extras, helpers, bar owners, restaurateurs (burrito providers, mostly) and homeless people who made the whole thing possible.   Yes, we are bringing it home, so to speak, and we can’t wait.  Check it out, SORRY, THANKS to play at the lovely MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL.

Two shows, this week: Sunday (Oct. 11th) at 9:00, and Monday (Oct 12th) at 9:30. Tickets HERE!

Maybe we’ll see you there?  Come say hi.

It doesnt get more pro than this! The slate from day #1 on set, at the Chronicle Books offices. We later amended to a An Hollywood production, to class it up a bit.

Doesn't get more pro than this! Slate from day #1 on set, at Chronicle Books.

– Dia (& Lauren)

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