“SORRY, THANKS” makes IndieWIRE’s Annual Critics Survey! “Best First Feature” and “Best Undistributed Film”

January 6th, 2010

Great end to a great 2009! In IndieWIRE’s Annual Critics Survey 2009, Los Angeles Times critic Mark Olsen names “SORRY, THANKS” his pick for “Best First Feature”, as well as his #2 pick for “Best Undistributed Film.” And three more critics in the round-up (Karina Longworth, Aaron Dobbs, and Paste Magazine chief film critic Robert Davis) all named “SORRY, THANKS” among their top five “Best Undistributed Films” of the year as well. You can check out the full IndieWIRE critics’ tally HERE.

Stay tuned for more from “SORRY, THANKS” in 2010, including: DVDs, behind-the-scenes extras, an ornery comedy short featuring Wiley, Andrew, and … chocolate Magic Shell (enough said). Please check back here for “SORRY, THANKS” news, or (much more efficient!) sign-up for our mailing list (on the homepage) to automatically receive all future riveting updates.

Happy New Year!


Dia nominated for a 2010 INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARD!

December 1st, 2009

Exciting news! Nominations for the 25th annual Independent Spirit Awards were announced today, and Dia was nominated for the prestigious Piaget Producer’s Award for her work on Beeswax (written & directed by Sorry, Thanks’s own beloved Andrew Bujalski) and Nights and Weekends! Here’s Indiewire’s full coverage: “Spirit Awards: the Nominees.” The Spirit Awards will take place Friday, March 5th!

Back from Spain!

November 25th, 2009
We’re back from Spain! The international premiere of “SORRY, THANKS” at El Festival Internaciónal de Jóvenes Realizadores (”FIJR,” in lovely Granada) was a blast. Kenya & Andrew were both there at the fest (see below laughfest), churros y chocolate adventuring was had by all, and “SORRY, THANKS” (”Perdón, Gracias”) was warmly received! Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet: Wiley & Ia hosted our Cinema by the Bay screening at San Francisco’s Landmark Clay theater. By all reports: socks were rocked off (by their general awesomeness). Just look at those faces! Scroll down for pics from Granada … and next week: “SORRY, THANKS” plays the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, in ESTONIA!

Wiley & Ia at the Landmark Clay for CINEMA BY THE BAY. Too cute!

Wiley & Ia at the Landmark Clay for CINEMA BY THE BAY. Too cute!

No quitar. Word.

"No quitar." Word.

Kenya & Andrew.

Kenya & Andrew.

Dia troubleshoots a real headscratcher of an audio glitch ... and solves it! In the nick of time! It was nothing short of an international coup.

Dia troubleshoots a real headscratcher of an audio glitch with the tech guys. We solved it, and in just the nick of time! An international coup.

Premiere night!

Premiere night!

Ia subtitled! Estupendo is much better than thats great.

Ia subtitled! "Estupendo" is much better than "that's great."

Dia with David López, Director of FIJR and basically an angel.

Dia with David López, Director of FIJR and basically an angel.

“SORRY, THANKS” in San Francisco and Spain this weekend!

October 20th, 2009

This Saturday (Oct. 24th), ‘SORRY, THANKS” will play for the first time in San Francisco proper, at the great Landmark Clay Theater! We’re thrilled of course, to be bringing the movie back to its hometown, and to be doing it as part of the incredible new CINEMA BY THE BAY festival (first year!), presented by the San Francisco Film Society and highlighting new & emerging film work produced in or about the Bay Area. CBTB has some truly great stuff in their line-up, and the fest only runs for 4 days (Thursday thru Sunday), so head to the SFFS website for tickets quick-like, if you can. The great (& steadfastly charming) Wiley Wiggins will be in SF and for the screening/Q&A to follow, along with the very talented Ia Hernandez (Oakland-local!), who plays his girlfriend “Sara” in the movie. “S,T” in SF details:


“SORRY, THANKS” tickets are on sale HERE. And you can read more about the full CINEMA BY THE BAY line-up HERE.

And on Sunday, 6000 miles or so to the right: “SORRY, THANKS” will have its international premiere in Granada, Spain, at the FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE JÓVENES REALIZADORES DE GRANADA (International Young Filmmakers Festival of Granada). Of course, we can’t wait! We’ll both be at the festival, along with actress Kenya Miles, who’s rushing over from birthday travels in London for the screening (happy birthday, Kenya!). Details:

SUNDAY (Domingo, we’re no dummies), OCT 25th (25 de Octubre!), @ 8:30 PM / TEATRO ISABEL LA CATHÓLICA

Live in Spain, perchance? Info on how to buy tickets HERE.

If you’re in northern CA or southern Spain, we hope to see you there!  Bonus points for people who magically manage both.

GRACIAS por todo!

— Dia & Lauren

BAY AREA premiere!

October 10th, 2009

We’ve been running around Marin County like crazy.  Well, Lauren has — I’ve been traveling for my day job and will have touched the ground in Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Colorado in the 48 hours before landing in California.  She’s been postering, postcarding, stickering and generally hobnobbing for a good cause. Why so much craziness? And what’s the cause? We’re gearing up for our Bay Area premiere! It’s terribly exciting to play the film to a new audience, as well as the cast, crew, extras, helpers, bar owners, restaurateurs (burrito providers, mostly) and homeless people who made the whole thing possible.   Yes, we are bringing it home, so to speak, and we can’t wait.  Check it out, SORRY, THANKS to play at the lovely MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL.

Two shows, this week: Sunday (Oct. 11th) at 9:00, and Monday (Oct 12th) at 9:30. Tickets HERE!

Maybe we’ll see you there?  Come say hi.

It doesnt get more pro than this! The slate from day #1 on set, at the Chronicle Books offices. We later amended to a An Hollywood production, to class it up a bit.

Doesn't get more pro than this! Slate from day #1 on set, at Chronicle Books.

– Dia (& Lauren)

WE LOVE NEW YORK! Sold-out NY Premiere at BAM!

June 25th, 2009

Sorry, Thanks made its NY premiere at BAMcinemaFEST last night, to a packed house! Thank you to everyone who turned out—we were blown away by the audience energy and response.

And we were lucky enough to have Kenya (lead actress extraordinaire!)—not to mention Kenya’s family, who came up from D.C.—out from San Francisco, and with us for the screening and Q&A, as well as the hilarious, bespectacled Moshe Kasher (”Andrew” in the film, not to be confused with Andrew Bujalski, who plays “Mason,” also hilarious and bespectacled).

If you were in the BAM audience and liked the film, please declare yourself “a fan” by joining Sorry, Thanks on Facebook! Or sign up for our mailing list (on our homepage)—we’ll notify you only of cool things. Like Sorry, Thanks screenings elsewhere in the country (tell your out-of-state friends!), upcoming bonus footage (we have a little Sorry, Thanks comedy short that we’ll set free sometime soon—kind of like a little rascal cousin to the film proper), etc.

And BAMcinemaFEST continues until July 2nd! If you live in NYC, we really encourage you to check it out and support the dedicated filmmakers whose work is included in this incredible line-up. 2009 is the inaugural festival, and it’s already pretty darn amazing. Can’t wait for BAMcinemaFEST 2010!

Exhibit A: Who wouldnt love this audience? Just look at those faces!

Exhibit A: Who wouldn't love this audience? Just look at those faces!

Thanks again Brooklyn & BAM!

New York audiences are the best. We’re not just saying that because we live here.


NY PREMIERE at BAMcinemaFEST on JUNE 24th!

June 2nd, 2009

We’re excited to announce that Sorry, Thanks will make its New York Premiere here in Brooklyn at (the incomparable) BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), as part of their first ever annual BAMcinemaFEST! (”A new film festival, Brooklyn-style.”) The full festival runs June 17 — July 2 and looks, frankly, amazing: retrospectives, hilariously inventive theme-movie marathons (”Before They Were Scientologists,” anyone?), outdoor screenings, shorts, and the “New Films” line-up (yours truly can be found here), which includes some of the most talked about films on the festival circuit this year.

Here’s IndieWIRE on the BAMcinemaFEST slate: “New 16-Day BAMcinemaFEST offering 14 New York Premieres.”

Sorry, Thanks is playing on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th at 9:30 PM—mark your calendars! There will be a Q&A with Dia & co. following the screening (we promise staggering “behind the scenes” revelations, or at least very good grammar). Tickets are on sale now through the BAMcinemaFEST site, HERE.

If you’re a Brooklyn/NYC friend you have very possibly received an invite from us on this very subject. Or more than one, via multiple e-mediums, which does beg the question: how many invites do friends have to receive in a single week before they can in good conscience de-friend us?

We’re pretty sure the answer is that that number is incalculable, boundless. Like friendship.

Not deluged with Sorry, Thanks alerts? Wishing you were!? Easily remedied! Sign up for our mailing list, on our homepage (just kidding about deluge! we email very sparingly, unless you know us personally, in which case, yes, it is just merciless).

In other news: it’s been a very busy couple months post-SXSW. Since March, Sorry, Thanks has played at the Sarasota Film Festival, the Nashville Film Festival, and the Berkshire International Film Festival. All were amazing screenings with warm, receptive crowds. Next week (Friday, June 12th) we’ll be playing at the fast-expanding and much raved about deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City, OK. Tickets to Sorry, Thanks at deadCENTER are on sale HERE.

If you’re a New Yorker, we hope we’ll see you at BAM on the 24th …

And more summer festival updates coming soon! Check back.


Back from SXSW World Premiere: First “SORRY, THANKS” Reviews!

March 27th, 2009

We’re back from Austin, TX, where Sorry, Thanks had its World Premiere at SXSW—three screenings, each with fantastic, curious, receptive audiences. We had an amazing time showing the movie, and felt lucky to play side-by-side with such great films/filmmaker friends.

And SXSW generated our first batch of reviews—great stuff! Check out the kind words & coverage …

  • INDIEWIRE:Sorry, Thanks has such keen insight into human behavior that its accuracy almost seems like pure luck …” Read the full review HERE.
  • HAMMER TO NAIL: “Could easily become a well-worn favorite of the DVD library of Gen-Yers of both sexes … Sokol’s script (co-written with producer Lauren Veloski) is as seamless as any studio rom-com—if studio rom-coms had astute, nuanced dialogue …” Read the full review HERE.
  • SPOUT Review: “Wiggins finds jokes within jokes, adds poignancy to Max’s worst behavior, and somehow gets away with it … the mix of humility, sadness, frustration and agony dancing across his face is a little heartbreaking, and a little hilarious. It’s that tone that sets Sorry, Thanks apart—it sets you up with its deceptively breezy, primary color staging, and, in the unlikeliest of times and modes, delivers a gut punch.” Read the full review HERE.
  • SPOUT Interview with Dia: “When you’re making a really small film, the moral quandary is what you have to work with as the most authentic narrative tool … I like the idea of making a film about people who are doing bad things who might never really be accountable for their actions but who you like regardless, who you’re drawn to and identify with. That’s what real life is …” Read the full interview HERE.
  • THE LOS ANGELES TIMES: “The film is a sidelong charmer …” Read the full article HERE.
  • PASTE MAGAZINE: “Sokol’s experience may have come from producing, but she has leapt into the directing pool several strokes ahead of where we could reasonably expect.” Read the full article HERE.

Next up: Sorry, Thanks will be playing at the Sarasota Film Festival next week (April 1st & April 2nd), and at the Nashville Film Festival in mid-April. Keep checking this space for more festival updates!



February 2nd, 2009

Hot off the presses (or the blogs)! Sorry, Thanks will have its world premiere at the 2009 South By Southwest Film Festival!  It’s incredibly exciting after toiling away on a film to finally realize that other people are going to see it … and what better place than Austin? It’s not just that we love micheladas and migas (please note that we DON’T necessarily love them at the same time), but we feel very honored to screen for the first time at a festival which has been so staunchly supportive of truly independent films and filmmakers.

This year the full festival runs from March 13 — March 22. Please check back on our site for Sorry, Thanks screening dates/times (we’ll have more info up on February 13), and you can read about the full SXSW 2009 line-up at Indiewire: “SXSW Unveils ‘09 Line-Up” or at SXSW.com.



December 11th, 2008

This actually happened back in September … but that was before we had NEWS sharing capabilities!

So, slightly belatedly, a big update: Dia was awarded the Adrienne Shelly Director’s Grant for Sorry, Thanks, at IFP’s Independent Film Week, here in New York. Needless to say, the grant is not only an incredible help towards finishing the film, but an enormous honor. We are thrilled and humbled. Adrienne Shelly was a supremely talented writer/director/actress (and damn funny)—everyone who’s seen her celebrated Waitress knows as much. But she was also (as evidenced amply by the friends who continue to work in tribute to her memory) a singularly beloved, fiercely determined creative spirit. For the past two years, the Adrienne Shelly Foundation has been a key support to female independent filmmakers who are hard at work rallying to get their own stories up on the big screen. The director’s grant is tremendously important: not only because it acknowledges that female directors are up against a glass ceiling, but because it’s a step towards shattering said ceiling.

Here’s Dia with Andy Ostroy (Adrienne Shelly’s husband), at the IFP awards ceremony on September 18th:

And congratulations to our friends from the IFP Narrative Rough Cut Lab (which Sorry, Thanks took part in back in June)—Joseph Cashiola, Nathan Duncan, and Jeff Harms—who won the IFP Finishing Funds Grant for their film A Thing as Big as the Ocean (yeah!). You can read the full Indiewire article, with a wrap-up on Independent Film Week and more info on all the IFP awards here: “Dispatch from New York.”